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Support Pilot Services - Other

Rotary Wing Flight Training Device:
Helicopter Command Instrument Rating Training in a sophisticated rotary wing synthetic trainer approved by CASA. 20 out of the 40 hours required for an instrument rating can be done with this trainer including all navaids. GNSS(RNAV) add-on training also available including en-route GPS certification.

Check & Training Services:
Ab-initio IFR rotary wing training, Advanced rotary wing training:
  • Sling
  • Hoist
  • Formation
  • Low level flying
  • Night flying training
  • Ab-initio NVFR *
  • Night-sun confined area training

NVG Instructor and Testing Officer
ME Type ratings:
  • A109
  • AS355
  • AS365
  • BO105

Approved Testing Officer:
  • Command instrument rating initial and renewals
  • NVFR testing, Endorsement and ratings issued.

Consulting Services:
Extensive experience in SAR, EMS and Police operations.
Operations Manuals, techniques, auditing, etc.
Night Vision Goggle (ANVIS) helicopter operations manual (HOM) authoring, ground school training and NVG handling procedures for CASA certification.